Meet the team

What current athletes have said.

Nicholas Turco

Kathy has forged me into the athlete that I am today, in every way and I attribute all of the success I have had to her coaching. Kathy has always believed in my dreams and worked in concrete creative ways to help me realize them. She works with her athletes mind, body and heart as the full unique people they are. As a younger athlete Kathy was instrumental in guiding my early success in a healthy way making sure that I had and have a long career injury free. After running for Western Colorado University Kathy started coaching me again post college. In the short span of 4 years Kathy took me to realizing my dream of becoming an international competitor and competing with the best in the most competitive trail running circuits in the world. Kathy has coached me through my first successful completion of the Golden Trail World Series. In this series she has coached me to two consecutive top American finishes in the infamous Marathon du Mont Blanc in Chamonix France and a 3rd American finish in the infamous Sierre- Zinal Trail race (also part of the Valsir Mountain World Cup). She has also coached me to a road marathon PR of 2:26.

Among all of these things Kathy has supported my growth and development in all areas of my life. She has supported me in becoming a better athlete by following my heart and becoming a better person as well. For example she is as present as a coach to me in Boulder Colorado as she is while I am pursuing my advanced masters in law overseas in Geneva Switzerland. In every sense I owe all of my accomplishments as an athlete to Kathy and her deep kindness and fun attitude to the sport I love and all of her athletes.

The Colorado Athletics Visibility Award

Mickey Davis

I competed in cross country and track and field at UC Berkeley, but decided to take a break from racing after college. Inspired to get back into it on the trails and looking for a coach, I started working with Kathy, who came highly recommended and did not disappoint! Her tried and true workout plans, down to earth disposition, and customization of training to fit my life - which includes a full time job, part time job, and other hobbies- makes for a successful combination. I love training with the group, and feel supported and inspired by my fellow athletes. I’ve surprised myself with a renewed excitement about the sport after a ten year hiatus. In my first year back in action, I placed first at the Spirit Trail half marathon, fifth at the USATF trail marathon championships, and made it 73 miles in the Leadville 100. I’m excited to continue working with Kathy.

Steven Grams

Kathy’s training has been without a doubt the most effective training I have ever had. She is always easy to get a hold of for last minute adjustments, or rescheduling when you have an odd week. On top of that, she is very good at taking the workouts the group has, and tailoring them more specifically to the distance you are training for.

Krystalanne Curwood

Two years ago, I transitioned to my coach, my confidante, my friend: Kathy Butler, … I realized she was everything I needed in a coach. Not only has she shaped me to be a better athlete and friend, but to achieve more than I thought possible in running. There are times that she pushes me to do the extra rep and then there are times she tells me no more half way through the workout. She pays attention. Not only does she challenge you, but encourages and listens to you. Her workouts and nutrition strategy gave me strength as I went through ups and downs mentally and physically. She knew that I had gone through a tough time outside of training, and life was just getting the better of me, but during workouts and runs, she made me feel wanted. She made me feel as I had a home and the team became family. She made me see that I became stronger and that those moments can be overcome by just taking one step in each rep at a time. …She has guided me to achieve a 1:16 Half Marathon and a 2:45 marathon at California International Marathon in 2017, qualifying for the Olympic Trials. …I know for me she is more than a coach. She is someone who has shown that when I doubt myself, she is my cheerleader, the one person who will believe in you.

Caroline Veltri

I started training with Kathy in August 2018. In just 16 weeks, Kathy coached me to achieve my dream: the Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier. With Kathy's expertise, fluid communication, and encouraging teammates, I ran a 2:44:35 marathon-- a PR by a whopping 12 minutes! Kathy structured my training so that I could do this while working as a full time attorney. Kathy is also supportive of my broad-ranging goals. Under Kathy, I raced the 5th Ave Mile, 10 Mile Road Champs, and won the Raleigh Half Marathon. I have also raced several ultra-marathons in distances ranging from 50k, 50 miles, 100k, to 100 miles. I ran the Leadville Trail 100 mile race in 2017, and the Hawaii Ultra Running Team (HURT) 100 mile trail race in 2018. Kathy is training me for my 2019 Western States Qualifier. I 100% trust that Kathy can coach me to be my best at any distance, whether on the track, roads, or trails. I have no doubt that with Run Boulder AC, I will reach my full potential as an athlete.

Running for Team USA Caroline finished 10th at the 50km World Championships in Brasov, Romania.

Last month @Caroline Veltri won the Mad City 50 km in Madison, Wisconsin. We just received confirmation from USATF that with that win she will be selected to TEAM USA for the IAU World 50 km Championships (September 1; Brasov, Romania).

Caitlin Standifer

I'm a runner with a triathlon problem. After a rollercoaster ride of a college running career, I dove head first into triathlon as a way to channel my competitive drive in racing into a sport that was less impactful on my body. Training and life took a pause during the summer of 2016 before I picked up my life and moved to Boulder. When I started running again, although very out of shape, I was encouraged that fall to join Kathy's group by a friend/teammate. Over the past three years, Kathy was patient and helped me become a stronger, more durable, and faster athlete. I only run four times a week while balancing out bike and swim training. Kathy is always good at recognizing the balance between when I'm overcooked and when I need to be pushed so I can stay healthy, happy, and motivated to reach my goals. In triathlon season, Kathy is always down to get creative when I need more specific off-the-bike run workouts to get me ready for racing. It's Kathy's flexibility and the ability to see the big picture that has helped me get to where I am today!

In 2019, Caitlin ran a 1:22 half marathon off the bike at the 70.3 World Championships in France, landing her 4th overall in the world (2nd fastest run overall), ran a 5 minute half-marathon PR in 1:16, and capped the season off by running a 2:44 marathon at CIM in her first ever marathon, qualifying her for the Olympic Trials.

Brendan Anderson

I started working with Kathy in 2018 after relocating to Boulder. I grew up training in Colorado Springs at the US Olympic Training Center in the sport of Modern Pentathlon, which consists of swimming, fencing, riding, running and shooting. I am a Senior National Team Member and have been on multiple Senior, Junior, and Youth World Teams, and have been competing on the Senior World Cup circuit since 2011. I competed and qualified for the 2014 Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China and finished in 10th place. I qualified for the 2019 PanAmerican Games (Lima, Peru) and won a silver medal in the Men's relay since working with Kathy, and finished in 14th place at the 2018 Senior World Championships (Mexico City, Mexico). I am currently trying to qualify for the 2020 Olympic Games under Kathy's guidance and as a part of RunBoulder AC. I found RunBoulder AC and immediately knew that Kathy was the coach I needed. She has spent a tremendous amount of time getting to know me and my complicated sport to tailor a program that complements the demand of five different disciplines. I am very fortunate that I found such a genuine and devoted coach as Kathy!

Alexandra Newman

Alexandra raced for the University of Chicago and joined the Impala Racing Team while in graduate school at the University of California, Berkeley. Since moving to Colorado, she remained largely coachles until a friend told her about Kathy's group. During her first cross country season training with the group, she ran faster than in her previous five seasons. She enjoys Kathy's professionalism and ability to tailor workouts to every type of runner, as well as the group's energy.

Bridget End

I joined Kathy’s training group in December of 2015, and I have enjoyed every minute of it! Kathy considers the whole person, not just the athlete. She tailors our training plans based on our individual needs, including planning our runs around our class/work schedules and prescribing the appropriate, individualized mileage and workouts to help us peak for our goal races. Considering my injury history and my tendency to push the boundaries, Kathy has been wonderful at reigning me in, while still allowing me to test my limits at the appropriate times. I have had a long and bumpy road back from injury, but Kathy has been with me every step of the way, reminding me to stay patient and helping me regain both my fitness and my confidence. With Kathy’s help, I hope to pursue my dream of qualifying for the Olympic Marathon Trials. Lastly, I love training with my Run Boulder teammates. After college, I was hoping to find a running group that I could call my family. I have certainly found that group in Run Boulder!

So far in 2018 Bridget has run a 4 minute half marathon PR improving her time to 81:14.

3000m 5000m 10000m Half Marathon Marathon
9:09 16:51 35:32 79:12 2:46:22

Nicole Jefferson

From competitor’s, to competitor- friend, to competitor- friend-training partner and now friend-coach.. Kathy has been there through the many phases of my life and running career. The one thing I value most about Kathy is her friendship and easy going nature. When she told me awhile ago that she was going to start a running group I thought to myself, “Anyone that is lucky to have you as a coach is going to succeed!” Kathy is smart, methodical, even natured, funny, calm and has the ability to get the most out of her athletes. Her biggest asset is the ability to find what works for each person. There is no cookie cutter programs. Kathy has the skills to see what makes each of her athletes ‘tick’.

Bronze Medalist in the 5,000m Pan American Games US Marathon Champion

800m 1500m Mile 3000m 5000m 10000m Half Marathon Marathon
2:05 4:14.1 4:38 9:09 15:20 32:09 72:30 2:40.20

Paul Banel

I started training with Kathy when I moved to Boulder in the fall of 2016. I work full time and when I was training on my own I tended to pack too much into my running schedule and get injured. Kathy has helped me figure out what races I actually care about and focus on those, and what level of intensity I can manage around the rest of my life. She has also been great at adapting to my widely-varying race goals, such as planning to do an outdoor track season in 2018, but ending up getting into the Leadville 100.

1500m Mile 50K Trail 50M Trail
4:28 4:53 4:05:26 7:51:07

Kevin Chin Shue

Sprinter/Decathlete turned Marathoner. Throughout my running career, I’ve competed in almost every event there is. From the 100m to the Marathon. After finishing competing in college, I went into coaching to stay connected with the sport. During that time, I opened up my distance horizons and signed up for my first Marathon with the goal to qualify for Boston. I did just that and went on to check off a bucket list race I’ve always had in mind. After Boston 2016, I put my training on the back burner, and my career as the front runner. This was the case until I came out to Boulder to visit a friend in the summer of 2018 and met the Run Boulder AC team. A month later, I moved out to Colorado to pursue my dream of training post-collegiately with a team. Kathy’s training style and custom attention to detail brought me out of the racing funk I was in for 3 years and back into training mode. After 5 months of hard work, PT treatments, and a slow adjustment to altitude, I came away with a 19 min PR at the Houston Marathon in 2019, a big PR at the Ventura Half 2019, and then another PR at the California International Marathon in Dec 2019. During these two intense training cycles, I started to beat my personal bests in shorter distances during normally scheduled workouts. Today, I definitely consider myself a long-distance runner, but Kathy knows that track is still my first love!

Connor McMahon

I started training with Run Boulder AC last October and immediately loved the group dynamic. Kathy has spent years perfecting a low-pressure environment, that was night-and-day compared to the college program I had just been a part of that was consistently cutting athletes. On my first day Sam [Calderon] described the team as "a family" and that really resonated with me. To this day it holds true as a great metaphor. In addition to her crucial people skills, Kathy has years of expertise in both coaching and competing at an extremely high level. Having someone who's competed in the Olympics twice in my corner, answering any and every question I can think's a dream come true. In 15 months with Kathy and the team I lowered my 10k personal best by 1:39 and my half marathon best by 2:28. This is in part due to enjoying the process again and being a part of the group, but it is also a huge testament to the specifics and calculated coaching of Kathy. I cannot measure the hugely positive impact she and the group have had on my life.

Lindsey Burdette

I joined RunBoulderAC shortly after moving to Boulder from Toledo, OH where I received my degree in Bachelors of Science in Respiratory Care. I ran for UT my first 3 years of college where I did cross country and steeplechase during track season. I found my program inflicting with competitive running so I was left with a lot of disappointment after college. I wanted a fresh start with competitive running so I found Kathy’s group and have steadily improved my times over the past year and even have a future Olympic Trials Qualifier on my goals radar. Kathy and the group make me feel excited to come to practice and be around. Its a great supportive team-like atmosphere to be around. Kathy is a great coach not only on the running platform, but also on a personal one.I’m excited to see how far Kathy’s training takes me.

Adelaide Perr

I started training with Run Boulder AC when I was coming back from a labral tear in my hip. I was hesitant about training again, but Kathy's training plans have actually kept my hip stronger than it was prior to joining the group. I love how supportive the group is of one-another's goals, both within running and just in general. I can tell my times have dropped since running with the group because I set a new PR for a half marathon on a training run while tapering for a marathon this winter. Although I split my time between triathlon and road running, Kathy's coaching has helped me in both pursuits.

Kennett Peterson

I began training with Run Boulder AC three years ago and have grown to enjoy the group's comradery as much as the grueling workouts themselves. The team has a wide variety of abilities, so there's almost always someone for me to run with, whether I'm feeling fresh or have dead legs from a hard week of training. Kathy has helped me focus on my run form, and encouraged me to rest when I was worn down but too blind to see it. As a result, I've been able to improve on consistency in races and in training.

I came from a bike racing background, so my bones and ligaments weren't accustomed to the pounding of running. It has taken me quite a few years to build up to 40 and 50 mile weeks, but I've remained mostly uninjured thanks to doing my hardest run sessions with Kathy's team, and not trying to do too much on my own without any guidance.

As a triathlete, I don't keep track of my fastest run times because they're all pretty slow. But a few of my top results include:

2nd Ironman Boulder
2nd IM 70.3 Coeur d’Alene
3rd IM 70.3 Boulder
3rd IM 70.3 Bariloche
3rd IM 70.3 Indian Wells La Quinta